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5 Garage Door Repairs That Should Be Left To The Professionals

5 Garage Door Repairs That Should Be Left To The Professionals

DIY repairs are more popular than ever. While some minor Garage door repairs can be done without help, some are so complex and dangerous that only a professional should attempt them. In this guide, homeowners can learn which jobs should be left to the experts.

Replacement of Weather Seals

Weather seals protect the garage and its contents from rain, snow, and other harsh weather. They can be forcibly removed if there’s a buildup of ice or snow under the door. While repair kits are available, the process is complex, and it can take more than one person to get the job done. The parts are inexpensive to replace, but the work itself is dangerous and complicated enough that a professional should handle it.

Spring Replacement

Because of high temperatures and poor maintenance, spring replacement is a common garage door repair job. The springs support the door’s entire weight, winding under pressure to raise and lower the door. Replacement can be quite dangerous, and it requires specialized knowledge and tools. Unwinding torsion springs with pin punches, screwdrivers, or other tools can cause serious injury. Spring replacement is another repair job that should be left to the pros.

Broken Cables

These vital safety mechanisms can seem easy to repair, but without a mechanical and educational background, one mistake can cause serious injury. Garage door cables prevent damaged or broken torsion springs from flying into the garage and causing injury or property damage. Cables and springs are inextricably linked, which means that replacement is a job for a professional.


If they’re not lubricated, or if they’ve suffered wear and tear, garage door rollers can crack and chip, causing rough door operation. Sometimes, rollers pop out when tracks are bent, but repairing the rollers won’t fix such an issue. Self-replacement of rollers can result in bent supports, track damage, and injury. Rather than attempting this job alone, call for repairs.


Garage doors should be replaced if they’ve been hit, have begun to sag, or to increase the home’s visual appeal. Replacement can greatly enhance a home’s value, but moving these heavy doors can be complex and dangerous. A homeowner looking to replace their garage door should consult a local professional for help and advice.

Garage doors keep the family and their belongings protected but trying a DIY repair can result in severe injury and substantial property damage. Those looking for garage door repair and locksmith services can call garage door opener motor to request an estimate or schedule service.

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